MB3 is the trusted name in emergency management, empowering our clients by providing the only comprehensive grant management system designed specifically for State Emergency Management agencies. MB3's flagship product, EMGrantsPro, manages tens of billions of dollars and was used by states across the US in some of the largest disasters in recent history including Hurricanes Michael, Irma, Harvey, Matthew, and Sandy, the 2011 Tornado Outbreak, the 2008 Midwest Floods and Hurricane Katrina.

Minimize paperwork & hassle

Reimburse faster & with accuracy

Stay on top of deadlines

Access real-time information


We Have A Proven Track Record


Our product currently manages over 35 billion dollars and is used by 18 states across the US

EMGrantsPro Lets You
Simply Manage Everything

We believe there is a better way to manage grants. EMGrantsPro gathers all information in one central location to allow access for everyone and expedited processing. The system handles the full spectrum of grant programs including PA, HMA, HSGP, EMPG and other non-disaster grants. With EMGrantsPro you can increase the productivity of your organization, reduce the workload on staff, and ultimately speed up the recovery process.


What Can EMGrantsPro Do?

Administer Grants

You can administer the entire grant process through closeout. The system works with Public Assistance (PA), Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) programs, Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP), Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG), and more.

Manage Applicants

All Applicant data and contacts are in a single repository. You can then manage the entire process for grant application and then closeout. For Public Assistance, Applicant requests for assistance can integrate with FEMA's Grants Portal.

Track Projects

All project information is stored in the system allowing quick web-based access. You can monitor deadlines, track costs, and close projects with ease. Public Assistance projects are automatically imported into EMGrantsPro via a nightly integration with FEMA's Datawarehouse system. Non-PA project applications can all be submitted in the system and routed for review. Project requests such as Scope Changes, Time Extensions or Closeouts can be submitted and tracked in the system. Quarterly Report data can also be collected and exported in the format FEMA requires.

Process Payments

Payments are automatically triggered when projects are obligated or funds requested. Requests for Reimbursement can be submitted including attaching any expense documentation. Transactions can then be compiled in a payment for routing and processing. EMGrantsPro also can integrate with State Financial Systems to reduce manual error and make payments faster.


With your operation entirely centralized, collaboration can happen on virtually anything. You can easily manage issues, route forms through configurable workflow paths, send messages, and more.

Generate Reports & More

The system gives you a birds-eye view of your organization with countless real-time reports. Other features include Excel exporting, quick search, document management, and many administrative tools.

These are only some of the features of EMGrantsPro. For a full list of how MB3's system can help you, please see our Full Feature Guide.

Full Feature Guide

Capture From Anywhere

Our Damage Assessment App allows for the collection of site data in the field and submission into EMGrantsPro for reporting and analysis.