Our Story

We are a team of Emergency Management and Software professionals based in Orlando, Florida.

MB3 was started in response to an ever-growing need to manage grants for disasters throughout the United States. Since MB3's inception in 2005, 17 states have begun using MB3 tools to help them better their recovery and grant management process. Today, MB3 offers a variety of industry leading services as a single comprehensive solution. Here is how the company started.

Start in Florida
In 2004, MB3 president, Matt Blakely, became aware of a major need in Orlando, Florida. Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Ivan had just devastated the State causing widespread damage, and an unprecedented influx of paperwork. After meeting with the Public Assistance (PA) staff of the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), Matt had an idea. His idea was to develop a web-based portal where applicants could submit and monitor their assistance requests to FDEM, allowing FDEM staff to immediately receive, process and manage thousands of items. As a result, Matt formed MB3 and the idea became FloridaPA.org. By early 2005, FloridaPA.org managed almost every function that the PA staff needed to perform, including project status, payment processing and closeouts, and the new possibilities for real-time reporting were endless.

Hurricane Katrina
During the summer of 2005, the development team at MB3 focused on strengthening the system, which was called "MB3 PA Portal" and by later that year, version 2 was launched, just before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. The PA Portal was launched in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and was a natural fit for managing such an unparalleled event. MB3's implementation allowed these three States to automate processes that had previously been handled manually.

Mitigation Launch
In early 2007, the State of Mississippi turned to MB3 to develop an online portal for management of Hazard Mitigation Grants. This prompted the creation of the "MB3 HM Portal", or MitigationMS.org as it is known in Mississippi. This system had many of the same features as PA, including reimbursement processing, quarterly reports, and document management, but approached the grant from a Mitigation point of view. FEMA took note of how easy it was for the State and Subgrantees to use the system and began using MitigationMS.org to process their eligibility approvals.

Multiple Grant Programs
In 2012, MB3 launched EMGrantsPro, which draws upon extensive user feedback to allow for Emergency Management grants (such as Public Assistance, Mitigation, and non-disaster grants) to co-exist in the same system. Optional support services modules, allowing State employees to submit time, travel vouchers, and purchase requisitions, have also been brought together within a single system. MB3 then launched a Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) Mobile App and a Direct Administrative Costs (DAC) Module.

Full Service Company
In 2015, MB3 celebrated 10 years in business. As we enter into the next decade, MB3 continues to add additional product and service options to further our goal of providing comprehensive Emergency Management solutions. Among these services is Recovery Consulting. Drawing from decades of experience working with State and Federal Governments as well as the Private Sector, our Team of Emergency Management and Software Professionals is available to provide assistance with the administration of FEMA's Public Assistance (PA) program in order to ensure that your recovery efforts are more seamless than ever. MB3 also provides Technology and Process Automation using EMGrantsPro as well as Public Assistance Training, Program Policy Guidance and Staff Augmentation.